Scars and Injuries



When the skin is wounded or broken due to an accident or surgery, the skin’s attempt to regenerate the tissue creates a fibrous version of the skin, called a scar. Scar tissue lacks natural elasticity or hair follicles and is much less resistant to UV radiation.

Types of Scars:

  • Hypertrophic – Hypertrophic scars are raised and caused by an overproduction of collagen during the regeneration process.
  • Keloid – Keloid scars also are raised scars, but in keloid scars, the building of tissue continues to grow excessively.
  • Atrophic – Atrophic scars create a pitted or depressed look in the skin and that is because of the healing process not producing enough collagen to even out the skin depth.
  • Stretch marks – Stretch marks are also considered a scar because they are caused when the skin is stretched due to tension


Treatment Options Available for Scars and Injuries

  • Prescription Medications: There are prescriptions (oral or topical) that may help with this condition. Schedule a consultation if you would like to see what treatment options are best for you.

  • 1064 Laser

  • Fractional Laser: Fractional laser scar treatment is the more comfortable alternative to surgery for acne scars and surgical scars, with remarkable results on any skin type, including very light and very dark skin.

  • Juvederm® XC: Over time, your skin loses elasticity and moisture, which contributes to moderate to severe parentheses lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth.


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