Tired of Hiding Unwanted Tattoos? We Have a Solution

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If you’ve been to a beach or a bar in the last decade, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that tattoos have gained in popularity. Nearly 40% of millennials have at least one tattoo. But when those 30-somethings head into a job interview, they may need to cover up that ink if they want to make a good impression on their potential employer.

A study published in Business Insider reports that almost 40% of hiring managers say that tattoos limit career potential, and more than 40% of people surveyed thought tattoos were inappropriate at work. If you’re tired of covering up your tattoo for work, or any other reason, you’re not alone. About 14% of people with tattoos regret their decision.

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons — and choose to get them removed for a variety of reasons. Whether the love of your life is not the person whose name is tattooed on your bicep or that armband from your rebellious 20--something years doesn’t reflect the mother or grandmother that you are today, you can have that unwanted marking removed.

The first step to getting your tattoo removed is to find a qualified dermatologist with experience in laser tattoo removal in order to reduce your risk of infection or complications.

What Kind of Tattoos Can Be Removed?

At Los Gatos Dermatology, Dr. Bruce Saal, a pioneer in laser technology, uses advanced laser devices to remove all types of tattoos. Dr. Saal can remove tattoos of all colors and sizes, at all locations on your body, and for all skin tones and textures. It doesn’t matter how old or new the tattoo is, although if it’s new, it needs to be fully healed. Dr. Saal can remove makeup tattoos and medical tattoos as well.

At your consultation, Dr. Saal can determine how long it will take to remove your tattoo and how many treatments you’ll need. The length of time and number of treatments required depend on the ink colors, depth of the tattoo, your skin tone, and the location of the tattoo.

Tattoo Removal Solutions

Dr. Saal offers two different laser solutions for tattoo removal. Both work by targeting the pigments in your skin and using laser energy to break them up. The pigment is then absorbed by your skin and flushed out of your body naturally. The two laser technologies are:

PicoSure® laser

This laser works quickly to reduce the appearance of your tattoo as well as natural pigmentation spots on your skin. The PicoSure laser delivers short bursts of specialized energy to target ink particles, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. It’s especially effective on multicolored tattoos and hard-to-remove black ink.

TattooStar laser

This laser is especially adept at reducing your risk of scar tissue because of its short, high-energy laser pulses. Different wavelengths of energy are used for different ink colors and shades.

What to Expect After Tattoo Removal

The area treated may be sore or tender after your treatment. Scabbing or blisters may form during the healing process. Dr. Saal reviews a list of care instructions to ensure a quick and safe recovery as your tattoo fades from your body.

For more information on how to remove a tattoo that you’ve changed your mind about, call Los Gatos Dermatology located in Los Gatos, California, or make an appointment online.

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