How Exilis Ultra™ Therapy Can Help You Look Younger

While there’s little we can do to stop the forward march of time, we can fight back with exciting and noninvasive technology that tightens sagging skin. Here at Los Gatos Dermatology, we use Exilis Ultra™.

Under the direction of board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Bruce Saal, our practice has helped scores of our clients fall back in love with the skin they’re in.

Here’s a look at what happens to your skin as you age and how Exilis Ultra can help dial back the years.

Behind aging skin

There are a number of forces that cause the skin on your face to droop and sag, starting with a natural loss of collagen. This structural protein is most abundant when you’re in your 20s, after which the production of collagen drops off by about 1% a year.

While the effects of this collagen loss are slow to reveal themselves at first, the deficit can add up as you get older. For women, the loss is amplified as they pass through menopause and collagen levels take a considerable dive.

Next is the effect that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have on your skin. Sun is plentiful here in California, and each time you head outdoors unprotected, the sun can break down the collagen fibers in your skin, causing it to lose support.

Lastly, gravity provides the final insult as your skin droops downward without collagen to keep it toned and firm.

The Exilis Ultra difference

With our innovative Exilis Ultra technology, we deliver noninvasive radiofrequency energy into your skin to elicit a collagen response. 

To better explain this, let’s take a look at what happens when your skin responds to trauma, such as a cut. In order to plug up the breach, your body ramps up the production of collagen, which is what creates scar tissue.

With Exilis, we heat your tissue to encourage a much milder form of this healing response.

As a result of Exilis’ 360 volumetric heating, we’re able to disrupt old collagen fibers in your skin and initiate new collagen formation.

Where Exilis works

Since the Exilis Ultra therapy is noninvasive, 

Exilis Ultra, is for all skin types.

Exilis Ultra timeline

Most of our clients benefit from a series of four Exilis Ultra treatments, which we space apart to allow time for your skin to respond. 

Your results are gradual as you progress through your treatments and the structural support rebuilds from below. In most cases, you should realize optimal results about 6-12 weeks after your final session.

If you want to breathe new life into aging and sagging skin, contact our office in Los Gatos, California, to make your Exilis Ultra appointment.

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