5 Reasons Both Men and Women Alike Are Choosing Exilis

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With age comes wisdom but also sagging, loose skin, unwanted bulges, and age-revealing facial lines. For some, aging isn’t even the issue. The sagging skin and unwanted bulges are just there, no matter how much you diet and exercise — often the result of life events such as pregnancy or bad genes.

There’s no shame in wanting to look your best. Exilis®, an FDA-approved non-surgical device, can help you achieve the body you want as well as a more youthful face. Exilis uses different radiofrequency waves to melt away your fat cells and to stimulate collagen to tighten your skin.

At Los Gatos Dermatology, we’ve put together the top five reasons that both men and women choose Exilis.

Exilis tightens skin and reduces fat

Many non-surgical fat-reduction services on the market today help reduce pockets of fat but leave crepe-like, wrinkly skin behind when the fat is flushed from your body. Exilis is one of the only technologies available that tightens your skin and reduces fat at the same time.

To reduce unwanted bulges, the Exilis device targets fat cells deep in the tissues and administers heat to disrupt and break them up. At the same time, a different frequency stimulates collagen to tighten the skin as the fat is flushed away. The result is a slimmer and tighter tummy, neck, arm, or leg.

You do not have to worry about downtime

Unlike a facelift or tummy tuck, you don’t have to miss work or any activities. In fact, you can have an Exilis treatment on your lunch hour and return to work immediately afterward. Each procedure takes only about 15-30 minutes.

While it’s true that surgical procedures have a more dramatic effect on your appearance, it’s also true that they can require months of recovery. Even the potential side effects of Exilis, which include redness and irritation, don’t last long or keep you home.

Exilis costs (much) less than surgery

Surgical procedures not only have a more dramatic effect on your face and body, but they also have a dramatic impact on your wallet and bank account. The cost of Exilis is much less than what you have to shell out for surgery.

Exilis is pain-free

You may think that because the procedure uses heat to break up fat cells and stimulate collagen that it may be painful. But Exilis has a cooling technology that makes the procedure pain-free and comfortable. The cooling device is activated simultaneously with the radiofrequency waves to keep your skin cool and prevent damage.

Exilis can treat all areas of your body

You don’t have to choose between body parts or even between your face and your body. With Exilis, we set the device at the right radiofrequency for whatever part of your body that you want treated. You can improve the appearance of your:

For more information on how Exilis can help you contour your body and tighten your skin, call us at Los Gatos Dermatology in Los Gatos, California, or make an appointment online through this website.

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